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 Important events

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 Digital Camera - Selection and Usage Technologies

 Mr. D. Kannan

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 Scientific Aspects in Religion

 Swami. Gautamanandaji

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 High Well, Punch Longwell Mining and Environmental Measures at SCCL.

 Mr. B. Ramesh Kumar

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 Growth and Issues on Sustainable Developmemnt Of Mining Scetor

 Mr. N.C. Sahoo

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 Impacts of Visual Communication in Media Today and Tomorrow

 Mr. Anto

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 Brain Re- Engineering

 Mr. N.S. Srinivasan

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 Clean Development Mechanism and Its Benefits

 Miss. M.N. Tapasya

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 Art of Gifting

 Mr. S. Shanmugasundaram

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 Astrology and Work Management

 Mr. V.V. Rengachari

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 Information Communication Technologies ---- For Economic Prosperity and Power to make Bharat Mahan

 Dr. T.H. Chowdhry

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 Eye Problems and Latest Treatment

 Dr. Mohamed Sayee,Dr. Mrs.T. Latha

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 Environmental Impact Assessment a Boon or Bane

 Dr. S. Mohan

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 People's Participation in Conservation of Water Resourses and Prevention of its Quality

 Dr. M. Kaarmegam

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 Melting Ice : A Hot Topic

 Dr. A. Pragasam

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 Connecting The Youth : The Opportunities of ICT

 Dr. T.G. Palanivelu

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 What After +2

 Mr. R. Natarajan

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 GPS & ITS Applications (Global Positioning System)

 Mr. S. Gokulnath

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 Human Engineering

 Mr. Soma. Valliappan

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 Challenges in Mining & Deep Seated Lignite Deposit at Belchatow Lignite Mining (Poland)


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 Pavanar and Thani Tamizh

 Dr. Portko

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 Life Style Modification

 Dr. A. Muruganathan

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 New Gear Boxes For Bucket Wheel Drives


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 I- KON Digital Energy Control System at NLC : New Era in Blasting Technology

 Dr. Arvind & Dr. Missa

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 Dredger Applications in Mines and TPS

 Mr. B.C. Annamalai

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 Science and Technology-Quiz Competition


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 Science and Technology-Quiz Competition


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 Vedikkai Manithargal

 Thenkatchi. K. Swaminathan

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 Convergence of Technologies for Rapid Development

 Prof. B.Palaniappan

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 Balanced Score Card-An Introduction

 Shri. T.Sivasankaran

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 Solar Architectures and Traditional Practices(Engineering Basis of Vaasthu)


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 Life Enrichment Programme

 Mr. Madhusudhanreddy

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 Computational Intelligence Tools in Power Systems

 Dr. N. Kumarappan

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 Ethical Hacker

 Shri. M.S.Narayana Rao

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 PinHole Surgery For Heart Diseases

 Dr. G. Elangovan

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 Heart Diseases and Prevention

 Dr. G.Elangovan

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 Heart Surgery

 Prof. M.Nachiappan

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